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Asthma & Allergy Care Center is dedicated to serve asthma and allergy patients in New Jersey. We diagnose and treat allergies and asthma in adults and pediatrics. We are also dedicated to providing, sympathetic, high quality medical care to patients of all ages. To improve the quality of medical care, we encourage questions allowing our patients about different allergies and asthma. We are capable in providing written instructions and informational brochures to help our patients. Written instruction help our patients improve rapidly and to get the most out of their medical care. 

At Asthma and Allergy Care, we aim to help patients fully participate in daily activities at work, school or sports without allergy or asthma getting in the way. Our allergy doctors in New Jersey staff work as a team and help in providing a care environment and building strong doctor-patient relationship. 

Specialized in allergic nasal and eye disorders, asthma, hives, eczema, food and drug allergies, and sinus infections, our expert allergists and immunologist cover a broad spectrum of adult and pediatric allergy and immunologist conditions. 

With special focus on environmental factors that can influence disease, the very caring doctors at Asthma and Allergy Care offer drug-free approaches to treatment. And when medication is necessary, they integrate it with non-pharmacologic treatments such as immunotherapy.

If you suffer from allergic symptoms, you can know certain by undergoing a specific test. Our doctors will ask you certain questions about your symptoms, history or allergy, exposure, family history etc. to know a clear picture of your situation. 

To help determine whether an allergy is involves, the doctor may perform a stick prick test or intracutaneous test. Actually, these tests involve either a gentle prick through a drop of allergen extracts on the surface of your arm or allergen extract into the skin. Sometimes, this may result in a small swelling and a reddening of the skin suggesting that you have an allergy. 

Patients suffering from allergy-related symptoms are advised to undergo allergy skin testing. Allergy & asthma care center allow the patent’s to go for sensitivity tests to an allergen. Our very talented doctors may ask you to undergo two-part testing for both scratch tests and intradermal testing. The scratch test include simple screening process that works by scratching the skin with a small plastic pick with a small amount of allergen extract on it. A positive reaction on your body indicate that your skin is sensitive. By testing the skin, we are able to test for environmental allergies, food allergies, medicine and hymenoptera. 

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We at Asthma & Allergy Care are proud to serve our asthma and allergy patients in different places in New Jersey including Morris, Essex, Union countries and the surrounded areas. With our quality care, we aim to provide individualized services to every patient. Our mission include commitment, high quality, easy access and affordable fees. Contact us to determine and treat your allergy and discuss your allergy evaluation needs, and medications to avoid in preparation for testing.

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