North America’s Foremost Expert on Himalayan Salt is Setting High Standards for Salt Therapy Industry

Palm Harbor, FL, January 16, 2021 – When one thinks of the therapeutic use of Himalayan salt, one name comes to mind – Dr. Margaret Smiechowski. Considered to be North America’s foremost expert on Himalayan salt, Dr. Margaret single-handedly started the salt cave movement that is now sweeping the United States.

Dr. Margaret also grew up near the famous graduation tower in Ciechocinek, Poland. Graduation towers were originally built as part of salt manufacturing; by dropping salt water down a waterfall-like channel covered with branches, the salt would gather on the branches. Workers would then scrape off the salt, and as with the mine workers, experienced respiratory and immune benefits.

Coming from a culture where pure salt was used therapeutically, it was not a stretch for Dr. Margaret to want to use salt therapy in her work after moving to the United States in the 1990s. With a medical degree from Poland and her Homeopathic Doctor’s degree, she became interested in the therapeutic use of Himalayan salt, noting several key research studies from Germany and China touting its respiratory benefits especially. However, when she wanted to build her cave in the early 2000’s, not many Americans had even heard of Himalayan salt, and many were skeptical.

“It was hard to explain to people the concept of what I wanted to build. Many people laughed, unaware of the huge body of research to support the use of salt,” said Dr. Margaret. “Several holistic wellness centers even turned me down when I approached them to build my first cave.”

Thankfully, in 2007, Dr. Margaret was able to pull together her years of research and her desire to help people take control of their health with her vision for what a salt cave should look like. She built her first Himalayan salt cave in Rutland, Vermont – perhaps the first public salt cave in North America.

Dr. Margaret describes her original design simply: “It was rustic and cozy with a fireplace and fountain. There were thousands of pounds of Himalayan salt on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Salt was integrated into every aspect of the design somehow. The cave seated up to six people and we ran hour-long sessions where people would come in and relax in zero-gravity chairs. We kept it affordable so people would be willing to try it, and eventually it did take off.”

Due to a storm and subsequent flooding, however, the original cave was destroyed not even a year after it opened. Dr. Margaret was able to rebuild her cave in another location, expanding its seating capacity as well as adding to the tons of salt in the space. As people started seeing the relaxation benefits of the cave, more people visited it. Dr. Margaret then decided to build her version of a graduation tower as well…creating the first simulated graduation tower in the United States in 2010.

Seeing the success of her first salt endeavors, she wanted to build caves for others. Since 2007, she has built over 80 salt caves throughout the country, including caves in Chicago, Indiana, South Dakota, New York, and her own Oceanair Himalayan Salt Cave in Orleans, MA. and Palm Harbor, FL. While many companies offer the building of salt caves, Dr. Margaret prides herself on working with each cave owner to build the most creative, beneficial salt environment possible.

“I talk to each owner and see what the goals are. I look at the space they have. Sometimes I have to get really creative to fit a cave into the space. I want everyone who visits the caves to feel transported on a journey, as if they had just visited Wieliczka or Ciechocinek. I want them to leave feeling rejuvenated. Each cave offers wellness benefits but is also a unique work of art.”

Technology has also improved over time. “Oceanair has climate control that is based on the infectious disease systems used by hospitals,” says Dr. Margaret, “making them very safe, especially now.”

Himalayan salt is known for being anitbacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral – something everyone is thinking about now with the current COVID pandemic.

“I don’t think we can say that Himalayan salt therapy provided in our salt caves can prevent or cure COVID because the research hasn’t shown that yet. But at the very least, it can address respiratory issues, increase the body’s ability to fight off infections and recover, and the relaxation response cannot hurt. Himalayan salt can definitely work in a complementary way for treating COVID patients.”

Dr. Margaret Smiechowski is a pioneer in the Himalayan salt cave field, a trusted name in the industry, an entrepreneur, and an artist. Like her caves, she combines healing with creativity and has a vision for the world.

“I think everyone should visit Wieliczka once in their lives, but for those who cannot make the trip to Poland, I hope that my designs will bring a taste of salt therapy to them.”

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PharmXhealthOne to Hold Free Wellness Luncheon at Hilton West Palm Beach Airport 14-16 Jan

PharmXhealthOne is a progression of health focuses and pressing considerations situated all through Florida, with centers in Boynton Beach, Port Saint Lucie, and Wellington that have been working since 2014.

As a top-tier wellness center, the goal of PharmXhealthOne is to provide holistic, naturopathic, and functional medicine care to all their patients. PharmXhealthOne focuses on 5 Essentials to good healthy living- preventive care, the right mindset, pure and good nutrition, exercise and oxygen, and minimizing toxin exposure, according to president and CEO Que Os.

To help spread the news about the administrations his training offers and to accessible pragmatic information on the best way to all the more likely carry on with a sound way of life accessible to general society, Que Os is satisfied to declare that PharmXhealthOne will support a free 3-day Wellness Luncheon that will be held at the Hilton West Palm Beach Airport in Florida on January 14, 15 and 16.

“This is a big event, and we want to let people know that PharmXhealthOne is there to serve our community and we invite everyone to come to this luncheon,” he said. “There will be numerous services and information that the public will be able to access, and all of it for free.”

The Wellness Luncheon, which will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day, and Que Os noted that it was important for him to hold this event in light of the effect that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is having upon the public; a pandemic, he hopes, is now on its way to being over in light of the new release of an effective vaccine that is currently being distributed nationwide.

“If you look at the data on who has died from the coronavirus, it’s mostly people with pre-existing conditions, the number one being diabetes, which brings hypertension and other issues,” Que Os says. “That’s why we’re having this luncheon…we want to show people what they have to do, step-by-step, A to Z if they are diabetic during the pandemic.”

PharmXhealthOne has set this event up with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in order to ensure that all information being made available at the event was 100 percent correct and up-to-date.

In addition, the Wellness Luncheon will be concentrating on numerous aspects of preventative care that people can include in their lifestyles, including giving guests the opportunity to meet PharmXhealthOne healthcare providers up-close and personal.

Services at the event that will be made available at the Wellness Luncheon – and carried out by highly-qualified PharmXhealthOne workers – will include one-on-one health screenings carried out with a state-of-the-art seca medical body composition analyzer, Que Os said.

“I want to introduce people to the seca machine…it can tell you if you have almost any issue, such as diabetes, cancer, or many other conditions, this machine can tell you exactly what’s going on in your body, in a 3D format,” he said. “In addition, we also have another machine that can detect and treat sexual dysfunction, as well as other treatments that address diabetes and its related issues, including fitness instruction for burning calories and a nutritionist who can show you how to prepare your meals every day.”

A body contouring machine will also be made available for attendees to check out, Que Os said.

Que Os noted that PharmXhealthOne are providers who focus on the healthcare of the patient, and the upcoming Wellness Luncheon is a great way to introduce themselves to the community. The event will be held on the entire downstairs of the hotel, which can accommodate up to 3,500 guests with strict social distancing protocols in place.

Americans are dying from chronic disease brought about by obesity, diabetes, and uncontrolled blood pressure, and all of those three things are the foundation for heart disease. The most interesting is that we don’t see it in our statistics yet, because it predominantly affects younger people, and they haven’t died yet to show us that there has been a change.

If you don’t come to this event on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of January, we will have unrepairable chaos coming to our children’s healthcare. Medical scientists now tell us that because of diabetes and obesity that is happening among our people, they will be the first generation ever in the United States to live shorter lives than their parents. We encourage you and your loved ones to attend this event, because it’s not too late to help you and the young people in your life face a century of increasing health and increased longevity.

Give yourself and your children the gift of health for 2021.

The PharmXhealthOne Wellness Luncheon will be held at the Hilton West Palm Beach Airport in Florida on January 14, 15 and 16, and again, the event is completely free for all attendees.

“I’ve been to events like this, and normally they’re anywhere from $500 to $1,000 just to get in there,” Que Os said. “This is why I want people to come and take advantage of this, and of course this is also a great opportunity to promote PharmXhealthOne.”

To find out more about PharmXhealthOne, please visit or call 561-847-4654 (Boynton Beach), 888-387-7218 Port Saint Lucie, or 561-208-3970 (Wellington).

The Wellness Tea Makes Its Debut, Offering an Organic, Certified Herbal Tea Blend with Multiple Health Benefits

Organic Herbal Tea
Organic Herbal Tea

Lincoln, NE, December 14, 2020 – Today, Marlyse Tchamko, Co-founder of The Wellness Tea, LLC announced the launch of The Wellness Tea, a 100% organic certified tea with extraordinary taste. The Wellness Tea is curated using natural, organic, and certified ingredients to give maximum benefits to tea drinkers. It has no artificial colors, no additives and is caffeine-free. The Wellness Tea is one of a kind, offering the benefits of nine different teas merged into a single beverage. In addition, as a special launch offer, The Wellness Tea is taking 10% off orders for all its customers on its website.

According to Tchamko, “Tea is a beautiful art form in itself, but with an added wellness benefit, it becomes magic. That is what we created at The Wellness Tea – magic. The Wellness Tea was born out of a need for something more wholesome and powerful than other traditional wellness teas already on the market.” She further added, “After countless hours of research and consultation with a Master Blender, the perfect formula was discovered: organic, herbal, all-in-one wellness blend with all the health benefits of nine different teas.” The Wellness Tea can be consumed regardless of the time and season.

This is a great opportunity for all ardent tea lovers. It beats the morning blues and gives optimum satisfaction to the taste buds. For all those who are intolerant to caffeine, The Wellness Tea is an excellent alternative to coffee, a zesty beverage that boosts overall health and wellness. The Wellness Tea has multiple benefits for the human body too. It strengthens the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory property. The tea is the best source to ease digestion issues and control blood sugar levels. Other health benefits include improving the skin, cleansing the heart, and boosting energy levels in an individual.

The Wellness Tea is composed of highly organic ingredients, including organic ashwagandha root, organic astragalus, organic chamomile, organic cinnamon, organic dandelion root, organic elderberries, organic ginger, organic lemon balm, organic milk thistle seed and organic turmeric. These elements combine to make a perfect cup of hot or cold finely brewed tea. Each ingredient has its own property, the organic chamomile when combined with honey has anti-anxiety effects and is known for its relaxing outcomes.

The Wellness Tea bags are individually wrapped using a superior pyramid design, as opposed to common flat tea bags. This allows ample space for the ingredients to fully diffuse throughout the liquid providing optimal flavor and health advantages. The innovative design ensures that every cup of tea is the best it can be. The aroma of a light zesty tea brings people together, it makes them pause and reflect, it refreshes, soothes, and comforts. A healthy cup of tea burns calories and strengthens the function of memory cells in the brain.

For more information, visit The Wellness Tea website.

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