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Cape Town, South Africa July 1, 2021 -/DailyVoice/- As the world is moving forward, so is the ways of marketing and customer purchasing behaviour. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase in the store based on their experience. Kiosks are no longer just a message delivery tool rather they can be used for multiple sectors as a way of communicating better with your consumers. This is why Kiosk Solutions brings a wide variety of self-service kiosks that are ideal for several sectors from hospitality to food and beverages.

Kiosk Solutions – virtual communications made easy with a range of products

Hotel self-check-in kiosks: Kiosk Solutions provides hospitality kiosks that are capable to handle the entire check-in and check-out process without manual intervention. With the help of these kiosks, you can hand out the keys to the guests as well as take care of payments without doing anything manually. These kiosks are also helpful in assisting walk-in inquiries for guests interested to book rooms. With the help of these kiosks, guests can experience a seamless interface while requesting extra facilities and other requirements. While being neatly integrated into the table, these kiosks not only blend smoothly in the lobby but also provide a faster service with a user-friendly interface.

Self-service food ordering kiosks: Apart from the hospitality sector, Kiosk Solutions also delivers self-ordering kiosks that can be a game-changer in the food industry. Installing these kiosks can provide a much faster way of delivering food. Restaurants can take the advantage of implementing self-ordering kiosks to reduce queuing time along with improving efficiency as customers can easily choose their order on the go. Self-ordering kiosks are also impacting the buying habits of customers while providing a much faster way of delivering service.

Car rental check-out kiosks: The car rental self-service kiosks provided by Kiosk Solutions are also an advanced way of increasing efficiency in the car rental industry. Applicants will be able to receive car keys through these kiosks without any hassle or waiting for a long time. Users can also avail of other facilities like upgrading their vehicles, adding options for drivers along saving time and effort by avoiding the rental counter. Features of these kiosks include- Proper verification of the driver’s license, ability to dispense keys and payment options through debit/credit.

Apart from these, the company also delivers a digital display hand sanitiser dispenser kiosk, sanitiser spray tunnel booth for public areas and facial recognition terminal with a thermometer.

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Based in South Africa, Kiosk Solution Provides digital kiosks that are ideal for various domains including food, car rentals and hotels. The kiosks are made of robust touch screens, cameras, scanners and other features.