Facilitate Multi-Channel Transactions with This Technology

Are you a company that would like to sell their products online to the global market? Maybe you are in need of a payment system for your startup, or maybe you are needing a monitoring system to help eliminate fraud. Well, whatever your payment gateway needs and wants may be, iVeri Payment Technologies is the company that can solve them!

iVeri Payment Technologies has over two decades of experience behind them, which means that they have an in-depth knowledge, as well as understanding of the payment industry across most of the African countries. The company is able to provide their clients with highly sophisticated product offerings. Low footprint products that address the needs of financial inclusion, in countries such as south Africa, is what sets them apart.

iVeri Payment Technologies is a South African-based company that creates technology for banks and businesses to facilitate multi-channel transaction acceptance. Their goal is to help their customers create a profitable and sustainable business by enabling them to implement the right transactional channels specific to their market environment. The company has been creating and implementing electronic payment technologies since 1998. Today, they process millions of transactions and have customers that are based in several different countries. iVeri Payment Technologies is a proven provider of best-of-breed multiple channel transaction technology. Intermac Consulting, who started the Card and ePayment awards for the African continent, awarded the company the Best Mobile Payment Product of the year for their mPress product!

iVeri Payment Technologies’ payment gateways allow for the support of multi-channel card acceptance too! The company’s payment gateway is one of the recognised leaders for the provision of an omni-channel solution that allows an acquiring bank to own the last mile of payment acceptance. The company’s payment gateways support up to six channels, as well as a range of flexible solutions for card processing.

If you want to know more about the company, have a look through the various different payment gateway options that they have on offer, or if you would like to get in touch with someone to ask a few further questions, then do not hesitate to visit their official website at: https://iveri.com/

About iVeri Payment Technologies:
iVeri Payment Technologies is a South African based company who, with their two decades of experience, creates and develops technology for banks and businesses to facilitate multiple-channel transaction acceptance online. They are a firmly rooted African company that was founded in Africa, who develop products and services for their clients all over the African continent.