Bouquet Ideas for Every Occasion

If you are wearing your wedding dress, jewelry, veil, or panto, you are also a participant with make-up, and you still need fluff and flowers. There is a lot to do. Your thoughts? A wedding floristry or a bouquet, a decorative bouquet or just cut ones, or maybe just one? Whether it is large or small, single or multicolored… that is the question.

Wedding Flowers Bouquet idea with white roses
Wedding Flowers Bouquet idea with white roses

The Best Bouquet Ideas

Here are our best bouquet ideas suggestions: 

1. Me means better—the bouquet will not be the first violin at your wedding, and it will be like that, after all, you will throw it at the little lady, it will paint, and it will be a legacy.

2. The cacophony of colors and decorations will not be good for you, to match flowers with everything you already have on, you still require it.

3. Simplicity—a small detail, always brings effect. Choose something more and subdued, e.g., a bouquet made of one flower.

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4. A good choice is when the wedding bouquet suits you, and you for the bouquet, if you have the daisies, take them with you to the wedding.

5. By nature which means that if it’s summer you can drown in poppies, cornflowers or sunflowers, and in autumn you can decide narcissists or steps.

6. Only roses—for lovers of this flower it is considered a leveling, there are many varieties with a captivating look and smell.

7. Tulips—simplicity and moderation in a short bouquet of tulips will add sparkle to you and you will not be sorry to part with it.

Tulip bouquet idea
Tulip bouquet idea

8. Leaves—when autumn comes, you can make a beautiful bouquet of them in unique colors. celebrates 20th anniversary

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