Improving Hygiene and Safety in the Medical Industry

Cape Town, South Africa, July 1, 2021 -/DailyVoice/- Have you ever wondered where surgeons and doctors get their fancy equipment from? Or maybe you have thoughts as to who makes their large-scale equipment and wash stations? Well, look no further, because I am about to introduce you to Mac-Care! Mac-Care is the newest addition to the Mac Brothers offering and focuses on medical equipment, Sani ware, as well as various items for the pathology industry. This new range is based on consultations with several different end users, architects and engineers in order to improve hygiene, as well as safety within the industry.

Mac-Care not only manufactures premium medical equipment, but they also have a fully qualified team of designers that are ready to liaise with clients. They are involved from step 1 in the conceptualisation stage all the way until final design. The Mac Group also has a machine at their disposal that is capable of 3D rendering, which means that designers could digitally show clients what their new spaces will look like before they give the go ahead.

The Mac-Care medical range features a whole lot of new innovations such as the New Sensor operated scrub unit. This innovation has been designed to minimise contact with any taps to ensure a safer and more hygienic workstation in surgical wards, plus it helps reduce water consumption by up to 40%!

Another innovation is called the Sluice Sink, which was introduced after consultation with end users as well as field experts. These sinks are upgraded to provide improved safe use of the apparatus. Bedpan and bottle wash spray units operate on-demand to prevent accidental discharge from occurring.

As well as offering the standard medical sanitary options such as drip sinks and slop hoppers, Mac-Care will also include some of the highest standards of racking, tables, and industrial sized sinks. These developments keep the end user, as well as safety in mind.

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About Mac-Care:
Mac-Care is the newest addition to the Mac Brothers offerings and its intentions are focused on medical equipment, Sani ware, as well as the pathology industry. Mac-Care can assist you with project management, design, and logistics on your project!

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