Mystic Ink Publishing Slashes Prices up to 30% For Holiday Pandemic Isolated Readers

SAN DIEGO – Dec. 11, 2020 – Mystic Ink Publishing has slashed the prices for all of its titles in response to the unprecedented Holiday Pandemic as a service to readers and to encourage literacy and add another avenue of escape from enforced isolation.

Mask up and social distancing are now the buzzwords of modern day life.

The publishing world was already in chaos prior to the pandemic, but now it has descended still deeper along with a large swath of businesses that affect every aspect of our lives.

At present writers conferences, conventions, book signings, book launches, speaking engagements, and all other traditional literary events involving social contact are in an indefinite state of limbo along with restaurant dining, travel, and a multitude of other activities that until recently were a normal part of our every day lives.

Reading by its very nature is a solo act and for those who cannot go anywhere, they can travel through the written word and meet new characters both good and bad, and live vicariously through the adventures of heroes who live between the pages as well as learning more about any number of subjects.

If you want to embrace exotic adventures of the mind from a publisher that moves to the beat of a different drummer in a number of genres, Mystic Ink Publishing has a variety of e-book, tree book, and audio formats available.

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