Not Your Mother’s Sugar Cookies. Infuse Your Holidays with A Little Extra Cheer This Year

Boston, MA, New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, and Atlanta, GA, Nov 20, 2021 -/DailyVoice/- Looking to raise the bar on your holiday treats? Just in time for the holidays, three cannabis infused and decadent recipes including Cinnamon Rolls, Mug Cake, and Puppy Chow are brought to you via the collaboration of Green Goddess Supply, Butter Brewer and @loudgirlgoodies.

Green Goddess Supply has teamed up with Butter Brewer and chef extraordinaire Carolyn Alexander from @loudgirlgoodies to provide you with everything you need: The Armoire home grow system to grow your own flower, the Butter Brewer infuser appliance, and a selection of decadent, mouth-watering recipes from @loudgirlgoodies.

It’s like having a mini dispensary in your own home!

Carolyn Alexander of @loudgirlgoodies developed the three amazingly decadent desert. She used cannabis grown at home in The Armoire home grow system, and infused it into coconut oil with the Butter Brewer machine. You will agree that the results were amazing (and incredibly potent!)


Add one Armoire, this heirloom quality cabinet is a discreet, easy-to-use, low maintenance growing and nurturing system that gives you impressive results in a quick and consistent time frame. Best of all, it does everything, even drying, without being an eyesore, a stinker or bug nest.

Blend in tinctures via the Butter Brewer, a new kitchen counter-top appliance that looks like a crockpot and operates fairly similarly.  However, it’s designed to quickly and easily decarboxylate your flower and then produce infused products such as oils, butters, tinctures and more. What took days can now be accomplished in less than an hour.

Follow the simple instructions from Extraordinaire Carolyn Alexander from @loudgirlgoodies to provide you with some very easy-to-make, yet decadent and mouth-watering recipes that are perfect your friends in high places.

For more information on transforming your holiday, visit Green Goddess Supply at, or call (617) 765-2334.