Offshore Wealth – A Team of Professional Financial Advisors in Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa July 1, 2021 -/DailyVoice/- Wealth is not only a blessing but a huge responsibility in our human lives. Our personal finance goes a long way to support our lifestyle along with our constantly changing needs and circumstances. Without proper financial planning, most people lose a significant chunk of their assets trying to fix their financial situation. Professional wealth managers or personal wealth advisors are proficient individuals who have years of experience in;

  • Improving their client’s financial situation
  • Fulfilling criteria irrespective of economic condition
  • Develop a plan to protect and increase the client’s wealth
  • Retirement plans to support one’s preferred lifestyle

Offshore Wealth provides its clientele with a range of plans created specifically to reach a certain financial goal and bring better results. Their services include;

1. Offshore Investments

In order to increase personal wealth, it is important to have more than one income source irrespective of expenditure. Offshore Wealth team partnered with Sanlam Ltd.’s Glacier for this plan to help clients diversify their investment portfolio and make some worthy choices.

  • Global life plan

It is a unique investment plan from the house of Sanlam Life Insurance’s Bermuda branch. Through this, clients are allowed to invest during any stage in combined global investment funds that include some of the best options available in the South African investment industry.

  • Sustainable world enhancer

This policy is known to help clients dealing with debts break free with the help of the Sanlam Life initiative. It is a 5-year investment plan that reflects the performance of international companies. Investors who choose this policy could benefit from an international company portfolio while saving their funds.

2. Income Protection

Every individual requires a stable source of income that acts as a pillar of support during trying times. Sanlam’s Income protection plan is a great way to secure monthly income for a person and their family.

3. Retirement Planning

A comfortable and rewarding retirement is a dream of every working adult who has been employed for quite a long time. Through Offshore Wealth’s expertise, one could enjoy a properly managed retirement fund and receive income even when they have retired.

4. Business Insurance

To protect one’s business from unforeseen financial troubles, the Offshore Wealth team offers helpful business insurance plans. Visit to know more about it.

About Offshore Wealth:
Offshore Wealth is an expert when it comes to improving the financial situation of its clients based in Cape Town and outlying areas. They value customer relationships and aim for personalised financial plans as their long-term commitment.