The importance of SEO

Podgorica, Montenegro 19 October 2021 -/DailyVoice/- SEO optimizacija is the term referred to search engine optimization or search engine optimization. It is, therefore, about improving the visibility of a web project in search results.

Currently SEO is also a discipline that includes the study, analysis and techniques to improve the positioning of a website in the results offered by search engines.

SEO consists of a series of techniques to increase access to a website through search engines. At present it is mainly focused on the guidelines established by Google.

The position that our website occupies in the search results fundamentally depends on two types of factors. Internal and external factors.

The phases of an SEO project

To face an SEO project , it is essential to know in depth the business model of the web that you want to position, know the objectives, organization and strategies.

SEO work is carried out from two perspectives. An internal perspective known as SEO On Page and an external perspective known as SEO Off Page , having to be very clear that they are two visions of the same project.

The first thing to consider in order to achieve a successful project is to build a website that responds to the queries that users make in search engines. For this, there are tools that allow us to investigate the keywords or keywords that are used and the number of searches for each one. We know this work as Keyword Research or keyword research. In this way and based on them we must build our website. This is undoubtedly the first and most important factor. From these searches we can conclude the hierarchy of content that our website should have.

The importance of content

In Keyword Research it is important to identify the competition and know the terms by which they position themselves.

From here, the generation of original content is essential for the success of an SEO project.

It is clear that the content is fundamental, it is the what, but the how also matters, that is, how we offer that content to users and also to Google, which will analyze our page and must understand it and be able to track and classify all content and respond in a suitable way for all devices, especially mobiles that are the main information query device. For this we must build a responsive website that adapts to the device and that also returns the content very quickly, for which a technical optimization is necessary that will be achieved using the appropriate technology, correctly sizing the server and optimizing the web code.

External factors

So far we have laid the foundations for the success of our project and the speed of growth will depend on external factors. Basically the authority that search engines grant to our website. This authority depends on the references that exist in other sites to our website, or what is the same of the links that our website receives and the Link juice that they provide us. Although the links are not always positive. There are toxic links that harm us.

The authority also depends on other factors, such as the notoriety of our brand that is translated into the searches that there are about our brand and the references from social networks or social signals.