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Cape Town, South Africa July 1, 2021 -/DailyVoice/- It really does not matter if you are a small business who is just starting out and require some boxes to help manage things, or if you are a massive company who needs a large-scale quote for moving boxes, food drums, and vegetable boxes. Even if you are an individual just looking for some assistance with your move by needing things like bubble wrap, packaging tape, and newspaper, then let me introduce you to Redibox! Redibox is a Cape Town-based company that started out as many businesses do, small, and only supplying certain corrugated boxes to small businesses and the general public. After noticing astounding growth within the company, Redibox realised that they have a lot more potential in store.

The astounding growth that they experienced triggered other packaging companies to hop on board and use Redibox as their feeder company to the smaller players in the industry. This is when they decided to expand their product range and add items like liquid bottles, food drums, paper and metal tins to encompass the full packaging store for any businesses who are wanting generic standard packaging.

Redibox is not just a company that supplies cardboard boxes to people, they are a one-stop shop for anyone who is not in need of large volumes of packaging that manufacturing plants insist on. Redibox does indeed supply cardboard moving boxes, but they also have a huge range of products that are there to assist you with your move! They stock things like bubble wrap to help you keep delicate things safe during the move, sealing tape to close all of your moving boxes, bags of various sizes, plus crates to organise items neatly.

Are you unsure of how many boxes you require? No problem. Redibox has a range of moving kits that they supply. These kits include everything that you would need to move a certain set of items. For example, they have a one bedroom moving kit, two-, and three-bedroom moving kit, as well as a student moving kit.

If you would like to learn more about the company or have a look at what moving kits they offer, visit their official website at:

About the company:
Redibox is a Cape Town-based company that sells everything that a person or business needs in order to move their stuff around safely. This includes boxes of all shapes, sizes and materials, consumables, as well as delivery services!

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