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Are you someone who has recently bought a new house and are in need of some extra space during the move? Maybe you have a hobby that you enjoy, and you are needing a place to keep all of your gear? Or, perhaps, you have just got yourself that sports car you have been dreaming of since you were a kid, and you need a safe place to keep it in the week when you are not using it? Well, whatever your storage needs and wants may be, Storagetown is the company that you need!

Storagetown is a Cape Town-based company that offers their clients safe, affordable, as well as access-controlled storage spaces. The company knows everyone’s storage needs and wants are going to be very different, which is why they have a wide range of storage units on offer that range from 1m2 all the way up to 50m2. Additionally, the company knows that some people like to store and manage their own units, which is why the company offers the self-storage option, or, alternatively, you can rent a standard unit and have Storagetown’s staff help with packing, organising, and managing when need be.

The facility’s storage units come with a wide variety of safety and convenience services, such as access controlled units, CCTV monitoring services, a fire detection system, and an alarm system that is linked to armed response. Their facility is located within a 24-hour access controlled industrial park and they offer safe, secure, convenient, as well as hassle-free storage units! The facility offers undercover loading and unloading facilities with large goods lifts, which means that there is no need for you to carry those heavy items upstairs. Customers can also use their provided trolly’s anytime, plus Storagetown’s staff are always on hand to help you in any which way.

If you would like to know more about the company, have a look at all of their different storage options and pricing, or if you would like to get in contact with someone to ask a few further questions, then do not hesitate to visit their official website at:

About Storagetown:

Storagetown is a Cape Town-based storage company that offers customers access controlled, easy to access storage units that range from 1m2 all the way to 50m2! There are no hidden costs that will pop up and all units have security features built in.


Mega Park, c/o Peter Barlow Drive & Mill Street

Cape Town, 7530, South Africa

Tel: 021 951 3636