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Are you an individual who is looking for some extra space to store your expensive sports cars when they are not being used? Maybe you are moving houses and are in need of some extra space to use while you move items around, or, maybe, you are a student who is moving rooms and you are needing a portable storage box to help move everything over. Whatever your storage needs are, Ustore is the company that has got you covered, literally!

Ustore is a Cape Town-based storage company that has been offering self-storage, as well as portable storage options to the public since 2017. The company was started by Demi McOwen – who started out by managing her father’s property portfolio. After she had been managing her father’s portfolio for two years, she then realised that there was a great demand for affordable, safe, and secure storage solutions in Cape Town. As a result, Ustore was formed!

Since their opening, the owner-run facility saw exponential growth and was able to open up a new branch to accommodate even more clients. Whether you are renovating, downsizing, or moving into a new home or business, Ustore will provide you with a secure space that is fully customisable in order to suit your personal, business, or home storage requirements.

Ustore realises that not everyone’s storage requirements will be the same, which is why they offer storage in two different ways. First up they offer a portable box, 6.62m3, which is able to store your home contents and/or furniture for a 1-bedroom flat. Alternatively, they also offer the standard style of self-storage available in different sizes depending on how much you intend to store. These can be used in whatever way you please and accessed whenever you want during operating hours.

If you would like to find out more about the company, browse through the different storage options that they have on offer, or if you would like to get in contact with someone to ask a few further questions around their storage, then do not hesitate to visit their official website at:

About Ustore:

Ustore is a Cape Town-based self-storage company whose aim is to provide simple, convenient, and flexible self-storage options to the public. They have a wide range of sizes to choose from to ensure that there is something for everyone!


13 Michigan Street, Airport Industria

Cape Town, 7490, South Africa

Tel: 064 684 1168