Bergen county’s own “The Renaissance Child” school had their robotics teams compete in an international FIRST® LEGO® League competition!

Robotics, what is it? And how it’s taking learning to new heights. 

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.

Robotics programs develop problem-solving skills and creativity. 

FIRST® LEGO® League introduces STEM to children through fun, exciting hands-on learning. 

2/3/21 ,Cliffside Park, NJ

The Renaissance Child is a STEAM enrichment program for kids in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. They are making waves in Bergen counting with fresh and memorable ways to help children learn , all while having fun doing it.  They offer a wide variety of classes and events for children such as Montessori learning, LEGO engineering and robotics, bilingual education, and more! Meet Elena, the founder of the business and brains behind the operation. Her inspiration behind the business was simple she says;

 “I was looking for a class for my son which will address all his developmental needs including  physical, emotional, educational, and cultural.”

She then decided to take the reins into her own hands by creating a community and safe space for children to think outside the box, introduce them to a social environment, and receive a quality education. 

Bringing this small but mighty school to enter in their very first , FIRST® LEGO® League competition. FIRST® LEGO® League introduces STEM to children through fun, exciting hands-on learning. Participants gain real-world problem-solving experiences through a guided, global robotics program, helping today’s students and teachers build a better future together. The Renaissance Child created an opportunity for young children to join a global robotics community. 

 No other school in Bergen county offers this kind of program ,and not only did they compete but won the Team Model award for innovation and creativity through the design and building their team models. 

The students who joined this club were ecstatic ! They have been prepping and learning the ins and outs of building and coding a Lego structure for months on end.  They had to build and design a structure from imagination, the process would take them bringing their ideas together and having them work in harmony, It truly helped them to see how effective working together on a team can be. The theme this year is sports. In the PLAYMAKERS challenge, the creativity of young minds will transform our play spaces. What activities can we do in those spaces? How can the games and the places where we play change to reflect the people playing or the equipment we have? Participants will harness their natural curiosity and use their critical thinking and imagination to explore what future spaces for play will look like. Guided by adult coaches, children will work together to solve fun engineering challenges and build models using LEGO® bricks, gaining habits of learning, confidence, and teamwork skills along the way.

It took them hours to assemble the entire structure and couldn’t have had it done in the time allotted, without the help, and innovation of their fellow teammates and coaches. This process is great for children’s development not only building critical thinking skills but also building their social confidence. After they were finished putting their final touches on building the structure, they had to present and explain their part in the building process in front of their peers and the judges. They practiced and recited their speeches making sure it was just right, which really built up their public speaking muscles! In the final moments before they were to perform   Despite the daunting fact that we are still battling the coronavirus pandemic these kids really put their game faces on and let nothing deter them from their goals. There were two teams, one virtual and one regular, and they managed to communicate effectively to get the job done. Overall, it’s nice to see children get together during a time where having the companionship of a team and social interaction is needed the most. 

The Renaissance Child offers unique classes and thought through programs, a place where kids can find like minded peers to collaborate with ,and learn from. These classes Offer a comprehensive approach to education. We took a moment to ask founder Elena 

What do kids today want?

“Kids want a Hands on experience, new technologies, and clubs with like minded kids.” 

Congratulations to all of the kids: “Team Tech” Lucas DiBugnara, Luka Glidden, Julian Greco, Jesse Greenhut, Kennedy Johansen, Kavin Joshi; “R Team” Timothy Marin, Mark Melamed, Wanda Orzechowska, Demian Pasymansky, Nikita Sakatch, Maxim Zubaydullin, and Coaches: Lisa Greenhut,  Elena Melamed, and Jaclyn Joerg who worked so hard to compete! We are so proud of you! You can find more information about The Renaissance child and all of the unique classes they have to offer at Follow them on social media at @thrchild 

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