Michael D Eastwood Launches A New Book on Amazon, Dr. Julie Visits Cowboy Mike and Winston

Prescott, AZ, October 15, 2021 -/DailyVoice/- Do you know a child who loves miniature ponies and horses? Watch their eyes light up as they read the pages of the new children’s book. Dr. Julie Visits Cowboy Mike and Winston. Cowboy Mike’s books have opened the door for all the fantasies and a wonderful joyride to the cowboy world. This children’s book is about cowboy Mike and Winston, a miniature pony. The book is about Dr. Julie’s day at Blue Mountain Ranch conducting Winson’s yearly well checkup and makes sure that Cowboy Mike is taking care of Winston. Children always have their fascinations and love for horses and this wonder that they have is now further lightened up with the wonderful Children’s book.

Cowboy Mike and Winston have a series of books starting off with.The first book is A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston by Michael Eastwood. The second book is by Michael Eastwood A Day at Blue Mountain Ranch with Cowboy Mike and Winston, the narrative of these books will make the children get into the world of the horses and the cowboy, Mike, and Winston.

Winston happens to be a miniature pony and Cowboy Mike is his owner. Their adventures are mentioned in these books that catch the attention of the book-loving children. Along with books that are fun, they also are educational. But it has its rightful place among the fun children’s books. Examples of these books delineate the adventures about the journey of Cowboy Mike and Winston along with Winston brothers, Blue, Bones, and Buckle. 100% of the book sales proceeds are donated to a charity Pony 4 Precious a 501 c 3 charity. Cowboy Mike is Michael Eastwood, CEO and Chairman of the board for Pony 4 Precious & Bello Sol Inc. Cowboy Mike rescued Winston a miniature pony in 2016 and has since developed this amazing charity Pony 4 Precious. This charity was developed for one reason: To educate children on miniature ponies and horses through free online education and online training programs. To learn more about Michael D Eastwood visit www.michaeldeastwood.com or to learn about Pony 4 precious visit www.pony4precious.org

About Pony 4 Precious:
Pony 4 Precious mission is every day to try and educate children about Winston, miniature ponies, and horses. Our website offers videos, information, pictures, training, games, and kid-friendly educational pieces that cater to all different types of kids throughout the world! This website will explain the equine lifestyle and as someone who used to work in the city, I had the opportunity to meet with many families who felt Winston could bring a lot of joy and fun into their lives. Pony 4 Precious. gives children a sense of ownership when being able to own an adoption share of a pony, as well as have access to online activities that will not only be fun for them but also educational.

A Day at Blue Mountain Ranch with Cowboy Mike and Winston Now Available on Amazon

Prescott, AZ, June 13, 2021 -/DailyVoice/- Do you know a child who loves horses or miniature ponies? Watch their eyes light up as they read the pages of the new children’s book A Day at Blue Mountain Ranch with Cowboy Mike and Winston, featuring Winston, a miniature pony and his owner, Cowboy Mike! Michael Eastwood also has this first book in the series A Day in The Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston. Both these children’s books are available for purchase on Amazon.
Michael Eastwood has donated all proceeds of the book sales to Pony 4 Precious 501(c) 3 non-profit. Follow along as Cowboy Mike takes care of Winston and his brothers, Blue, Bones and Buckle. The adventures keep going and these books will educate you on the care of these amazing animals.
This book is a perfect gift for birthdays or for the upcoming 2021 holiday season!
Pony 4 Precious is a platinum level charity, by GuideStar founded by Michael Eastwood, who started the foundation based on his own animals, to create a free scholarship program. 100% of All proceeds of this children’s book sales will be donated to the Pony 4 Precious scholarship fund.
If you would like more information about this book or Pony 4 Precious charity their website is www.pony4precious.org To learn more about Michael Eastwood visit his website www.ceo-stories.com To order your book click on the amazon link https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Mountain-Ranch-Cowboy-Winston/dp/1649532016/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1622737444&sr=8-1

For More Information, Please visit http://www.ceo-stories.com or http://www.pony4precious.org