Mimo DeFi is LIVE on Polygon with Lower Fees & Faster Transactions

Singapore, Aug 9, 2021 -/DailyVoice/- Mimo, home of the world’s first decentralized, algorithmically-pegged EUR token, is now officially live on Polygon.

Polygon lands a massive integration with Mimo. With easy access to blockchain services all on the strength of a euro stable token, the newly merged DeFi project brings a valuable utility to the network. 

The application and core services of Mimo will remain the same, with the added benefit of all that Polygon has to offer. Mimo users are going to appreciate the option to continue mining, minting, and  with the lower gas fees and faster transactions Polygon enables. With a Layer-2 solution implemented, longtime followers can finally open a vault and access their wealth without selling any crypto with a much lower barrier to entry.

Polygon is one of Ethereum’s Layer-2 side chains with their native token, MATIC, which is a new collateral type for Mimo vaults while using the network as well. MATIC has proven to be a promising asset and transactions have exploded — which also come at a fraction of the cost. It’s less than a cent, paid in MATIC, to process a transaction.

The development team explained how the technical achievement of bringing a project to Polygon was worth the result:

“We’re excited about this improvement and creating the Polygon bridge. Despite the technical hurdle, I’m certain Mimo users are going to appreciate the option to access our apps across networks.”

The company has been eager to push the Polygon integration for various reasons including making DeFi easier for those less experienced in crypto and responding to the numerous concerns regarding Ethereum’s mainchain fees:

“Users have been asking for this for months and we’re excited to see how the community takes advantage of this. With lower fees, anyone can get started with Mimo much easier and leverage our protocol. Once adoption spreads, we’ll be much more poised to start announcing even more improvements to the community.” ~ Nick Calabro, Growth Manager

Polygon itself is one of the largest DeFi protocols, previously known as Matic Network. Since the functionality remains the same, creating a vault and minting PAR is easier and more economical than ever. 

For more information regarding Mimo and the PAR token, visit https://mimo.capital

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MIMO and PAR Tokens Listed on Bittrex Global to Enable Euro Stablecoin Trading

Singapore, June 18, 2021 -/DailyVoice/- MIMO, the governance token behind Mimo DeFi, has officially been listed on Bittrex Global. In addition, PAR – Mimo’s stable token which is algorithmically pegged to the Euro — has also been listed. Its appeal to users of Bittrex comes from both owning the platform Mimo is built on as well as utilizing their native currency for those located in Europe.

This marks Mimo’s largest centralised exchange listing to date and enables a wider audience to trade the MIMO & PAR tokens.

PAR is exclusively minted in relation to loans on Mimo DeFi, the beginner-friendly lending platform that MIMO token holders help govern. PAR tokens are therefore collateralized by assets accepted on Mimo DeFi.

Nick Calabro, Growth Manager at Mimo, says that joining the Bittrex lineup is just the first step in a series of bullish updates to come out of the project before the end of the year.

“It’s been an exciting past few months for Mimo and our tokens. With all the news surrounding the dollar, PAR is an easy addition to many crypto portfolios I’m seeing and this listing on Bittrex is just another way to offer this stability to more users,” says Calabro, Growth Manager at Mimo.

“We’re confident that traders on the exchange will value what we’ve built with PAR both as a means to stabilize their portfolio, hedging another nation’s currency, and joining us as we introduce more tools like this as we expand,” adds Nick.

Bittrex is a clear partner to Mimo being one of the most secure platforms and wallet infrastructures, giving users easy access to an array of products and services.

Currently, two trading pairs for PAR and one for MIMO are available:

Trading opens June 18, 2021.

To learn more about Mimo and the Parallel protocol, please check out the official Mimo channels:

Website: https://mimo.capital
Telegram: https://t.me/mimodefi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mimodefi

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